Sentence Examples

  • The appendages of the second prosthomere are the well-known chelicerae of the Arach nids, rarely, if ever, antenniform, but modified as " retroverts" or clasp-knife fangs in spiders.
  • - The same scorpion carrying the now paralysed fly held in its chelicerae, the chelae liberated for attack and defence.
  • Ventral view with the prosomatic appendages cut short excepting the chelicerae (I) whose sharp retroverts are seen.
  • The proportionately enormous chelae (chelicerae) of the first pair of appendages are not provided with poison glands; their bite is not venomous.
  • The coxae of the five pairs of limbs following the chelicerae were arranged in a series on each side between the mouth, M, and the metasternites, mets.

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