Sentence Examples

  • In the case of the pearl oyster this parasite is a cestode larva, but in the less valuable but no less genuine pearl produced by Mytilus, &c., the nucleus is a Trematode-larva (Jameson).
  • The replacement of detached mature proglottides at the distal end of the Cestode-body by others is not regeneration, for the replacing set has already developed, and in certain cases they can complete their development quite independently after being detached from the parent.
  • In such an event, a Cestode cannot replace the injured or severed portion.
  • The absence of these functions of regeneration and of regulation affords, therefore, corroborative evidence of the highly specialized nature of the Cestode organization.
  • The vagina of Cestodes is undoubtedly comparable with the so-called " uterus " of Trematodes, but the nature of the Cestode uterus is not so clear.

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