Sentence Examples

  • Its cession to Egypt, which was confirmed by a firman of the 10th of December 1832.
  • Performed his three days penance in the winter of 1077; and there she made the cession of her vast domains to the church.
  • He not only insisted that his daughter's religion should be duly respected, but he constituted himself the protector of the Orthodox population and this led to a new war in 1499, which went on till 1503, when it was concluded by the cession to Russia of Chernigov, Starodub and 17 other towns.
  • It came into the possession of Spain, although it remained formally a portion of the Empire until its cession at the peace of Westphalia in 1648.
  • The House of Habsburg now ceded Salzburg and the Inn-Viertel to Napoleon (for his ally, the king of Bavaria); a great portion of the spoils which Austria had torn from Poland in 1795 went to the grand duchy of Warsaw, or Russia; and the cession of her provinces Carinthia, Carniola and Istria to the French empire cut her off from all access to the sea.

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