Sentence Examples

  • In the older books of travel are often found the alternative names for this region, Tooth Coast (Cate des Dents) or Kwa-Kwa Coast, and, less frequently, the Coast of the Five and Six Stripes (alluding to a kind of cotton fabric in favour with the natives).
  • It is a classical problem in the calculus of variations to deduce the equation (9) from the condition that the depth of the centre of gravity of a, chain of given length hanging I I between fixed points must be catenary; it determines the scale of the curve, all cate } stationary (~ 9).
  • 52), referable to the family Clavidae; a fact sufficient to Indi a cate the tentative character of even the most modern classifications of this order.
  • 'Eav J f9 J Q,cATE EKaUTOS vi.
  • I n d i cate a common source rather than direct borrowing.