Sentence Examples

  • There seems to be confusion and sometimes a breakdown in communication between stylists and clients since the term "Brazilian Blowout" has become somewhat of a catch-all description for keratin hair straightening processes.
  • Since "Gone Fishin'" is a sort of catch-all phrase for "relaxing the day away" in some places, you can bet these are meant to be worn as part of a completely casual ensemble.
  • Climate change is a catch-all term that replaced global warming and includes more than human activity that many scientists claim to be responsible for greenhouse gases.
  • This catch-all phrase can apply to any number of small items that you use to create a project, including thread, trim, embellishments, tools, and other supplies.
  • You won't be finding the aforementioned creamy green base there, though, so check your costume store or the Halloween section of your favorite catch-all store.