Sentence Examples

  • He took the field against the Turks (1301, 1310) and against the Grand Catalan Company (1305), but was repeatedly defeated.
  • The race has probably suffered less here than in most parts of the Mediterranean basin from foreign intermixture, except for a few Catalan and Genoese settlements on the coast (Alghero and Carloforte are respectively the most important of these); and the population in general seems to have deteriorated slightly since prehistoric times, the average cranial capacity of the prehistoric skulls from the Anghelu Ruju being 1490 c.c. for males and 1308 for females, while among the modern population 60% of males and females together fall below 1250 c.c.; and the stature is generally lower than in other parts of Italy, as is shown by the measurements of the recruits (R.
  • On some pages these micrographic bands form a candelabrum, a motif that was mainly used in 14th century Catalan Bibles.
  • The cuisine is strongly regional, served with local wines - sparkling Catalan cava or chilled fino sherry from Andalucia.
  • The Catalan is a favorite of many top grandmasters, with Kasparov, Karpov and Korchnoi using it to good effect in key matches.

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