Sentence Examples

  • Catalan being a variety of the langue doc, it will be convenient to note the peculiarities of its phonetics and inflexion as compared with ordinary Provenal, Tonic VowelsWith regard to a, which is pronounced alike in open and close syllables (amar, a m a r e; abre, a r b o r), there is nothing to remark.
  • Catalan, the substantives, adjectives and participles readily form their singular in a and their plural in Cs: arma,armes (an i ma, an i ma s);bona,bones (hon a, boo a s); amada, amades (a m at a, am a t a s).
  • In his old age he was engaged in incessant conflicts with his Aragonese and Catalan subjects, with Louis XI.
  • The Catalan revolt was pacified in 1472, but John had war, in which he was generally unfortunate, with his neighbour the French king till his death on the 20th of January 1479.
  • For the personal character of Peter III., the best witness is the Chronicle of Ramonde Muntanez - reprinted in the original Catalan by R.