Sentence Examples

  • She owned every designer on the planet and made Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City look like an amateur.
  • Me and Carrie kept making fun of 'em, quiet like.
  • The atmosphere is a cause of disease in the neighborhood of chemical works, large towns, volcanoes, &c., in so far as it carrie, acid gases and poisons to the leaves and roots; but it is usual tc associate with it the action of excessive humidity which brings about those tender watery and more or less etiolated condition, which favor parasitic Fungi, and diminish transpiration and therefore nutrition.
  • The famous "Gates of Somnath," which were supposed to have been carrie,d off by Mahmud to Ghazni, had probably no connexion with Somnath.
  • I went in bathing almost every day and Carrie and Frank and little Helen and I had fun.

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