Sentence Examples

  • Modena Carpi, Guastalla, Massa-Carrara, Reggio.
  • In 1521 he was sent to Carpi to transact a petty matter with the chapter of the Franciscans, the chief known result of the embassy being a burlesque correspondence with Francesco Guicciardini.
  • "So thin-skinned that a fly would draw blood," as the prince of Carpi expressed it, he could not himself restrain his pen from sarcasm.
  • MANFREDO FANTI (1806-1865), Italian general, was born at Carpi and educated at the military college of Modena.
  • About 1552 he came under the notice of Cardinal Carpi, protector of his order, Ghislieri (later Pius V.) and Caraffa (later Paul IV.), and from that time his advancement was assured.