Sentence Examples

  • There are shaping panties, shorts and capris solely for the hips and thighs, shaping camisoles for the upper body, bust shapers, shaping leggings to wear beneath pants and full and half slips to wear beneath dresses and skirts.
  • Exercise capris often incorporate the best of both worlds: they're longer than shorts, giving you more coverage if that's what you desire, but they're shorter than pants, which will keep you cooler during your workouts.
  • Additional looks to consider from Bluefly include the stretch corduroy style, the cropped capris which are a staple during the summer months, and cute culottes that look great in both formal and informal settings.
  • Sometimes, new fitness duds are a great motivator, so if a new T-shirt or snazzy Capris will inspire you to get moving, then buy a new exercise outfit for your next walk, run, aerobics routine or yoga class.
  • However, others consider clam diggers and pedal pushers as forms of capris, and in this case you can say capris come in a variety of lengths from just below the knee to hemlines just inches above the ankle.

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