Sentence Examples

  • Agilawood, the camphor tree, and ebony are also found in smaller quantities.
  • Sequoia and the tulip-tree still remain; figs are abundant; laurels are represented by Sassafras and camphor; herbaceous plants (Ranunculaceae, Cruciferae, Umbelliferae) are present, though, as might be expected, only fragmentarily preserved.
  • Phys., 1838, (2), 69, p. 170), by the action of chlorine on a mixture of ethylene and sulphur dioxide, may also be obtained by the direct union of sulphur dioxide and chlorine (especially in the presence of a little camphor); and by heating chlorsulphonic acid in the presence of a catalyst, such as mercuric sulphate (Pawlewski, Ber., 18 97, 3 0, p. 765): 2S0 2 C1.
  • Buchu leaves contain a volatile oil, which is of a dark yellow colour, and deposits a form of camphor on exposure to air, a liquid hydro-carbon being the solvent of the camphor within the oil-glands.
  • The Malays also work jungle produce, of which the most important are gutta, rattans, agila wood, camphor wood, and the beautiful kamuning wood which is used by the natives for the hilts of their weapons.

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