Sentence Examples

  • Sleek, fitted and impossibly elegant, this Dolce & Gabbana Camilla Cami and Briefs set is made for the woman who appreciates a clean silhouette, a demure hint of girly charm (thanks to the discreet ruffles) and a bold color.
  • The extra layer the cami provides is usually enough to prevent any embarrassing see-through situations - however, just to make sure, it's always a good idea to look at your outfit in a brightly lit room before you head outdoors.
  • Women's Health Magazine says the C9 by Champion Seamless Cami Sports Bra ($14 - $17) is a winner for A and B cups during high impact workouts (like those that involve running and jumping) for ladies with small busts.
  • If you're hoping to wear a dressy top that isn't too heavy, a lace cotton cami is a great alternative to a beaded or sequined style - both of these add plenty of weight and can feel uncomfortable on some women.
  • Curl up on your back porch or on your sofa in a cropped cami with underwire and you'll have the comfort of a camisole, the support of an underwire bra and the breeziness that comes with wearing a cropped top.

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