Sentence Examples

  • The birds of prey are the same as those of central Europe, and include the sea eagle, alpine vulture (Gyps fulvus), buzzard, kites (Gypaetus barbatus and Milvus ater), hawks (e.g.
  • Vultures are represented by only one species, the turkey buzzard, which is the universal scavenger of the fields, and until recent years even of the cities, and has always been protected by custom and the Laws of the Indies.
  • Among the birds are the vulture, eagle, falcon, buzzard, kite, lark, nightingale, heron, stork and bustard.
  • Hughlings-Jackson, Thomas Buzzard, Henry C. Bastian (b.
  • Some more or less immune creatures are the mongoose, the hedgehog and the pig, the secretary-bird, the honey buzzard, the stork and probably other snake-eaters.

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