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  • BRUCINE, C23H26N201, an alkaloid isolated in 1819 by J.
  • Fraser proved that by substitution of molecules in certain compounds a stimulant could be converted into a sedative action; thus by the addition of the methyl group CH 2 to the molecule of strychnine, thebaine or brucine, the tetanizing action of these drugs is converted into a paralysing action.
  • Also (d +1) mannonic acid can be split into the d and 1 acids by fractional crystallization of the strychnine or brucine salts.
  • (3) Quinoline group. The alkaloids of the quina-barks: quinine, &c.; the strychnos bases: strychnine, brucine; and the veratrum alkaloids: veratrine, cevadine, &c.
  • Tieute, and is generally accompanied by another alkaloid brucine, C23H26N204 41I 2 O, which was isolated by Pelletier and Caventou in 1819.

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