Sentence Examples

  • He was adjutant-general of New York state in 1839-1843, and became a brigadier-general of volunteers in the Union army in 1861, commanded a division in Virginia in 1862-1863, and, being compelled by ill health to resign from the army, was U.S. minister to the Papal States in 1863-1867.
  • On a direct-fired furnace at least one man, the brigadier, must be an expert in all the operations involved; but with a gas furnace a division of labour is possible.
  • Upon Wayne's death in 1796, Wilkinson became general in command of the regular army, retaining his rank as brigadier and likewise his Spanish pension.
  • Made brigadier-general of provincial troops in 1782.
  • On the 14th of May 1861 he was transferred to the regular army as a lieutenant-colonel, and in September he was made a brigadier-general U.S.V.