Sentence Examples

  • Make sure that the review will be an example of the goodwill shared in the blogosphere and not someone's attempt to make money by creating spam pages that show up when unsuspecting viewers are searching for quality content.
  • While it is true that there are some crass people in the blogosphere who criticize the size of some of her features, there are many more who appreciate her ambitious and "self-made" persona.
  • Aside from the Squidoo page (which seems to be very invested in selling the software), automated blog software is generally considered to be very poor practice in the blogosphere.
  • The Lingerie Post is very upfront about wanting to stand out from all others in the blogosphere, and to that end, ambitiously conducts interviews with terrific lingerie designers.
  • Given the amount of negative comments and fan backlash made around the blogosphere, the hit song that John Rich believes Julio is going to make will most definitely not be a hit.