Sentence Examples

  • The blastopore is now more F, Later embryo seen as a transcontracted, d; and cells, me, m, Mouth.
  • Ova large, with much yolk and thick membrane, like those of Australasian species; embryos with slit-like blastopore and of very different ages in the same uterus, probably born all the year round.
  • Meanwhile the narrow middle part of the blastopore has closed by a fusion of its lips, so that the blastopore is represented by two openings, the future mouth and anus.
  • The nervous system is formed as an annular thickening of ectoderm passing in front of the mouth and behind the anus, and lying on each side of the blastopore along the lines of the somites.
  • B, Older gastrula stage, ventral view, showing elongated blastopore and primitive streak.

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