Sentence Examples

  • Since Verdet's constant is somewhat uncertain for different batches of glass even of the same quality, each plate should be standardized in a field of known intensity.
  • The same operation is repeated with fresh batches of wagons, until the sidings contain a number of trains, each intended, it may be supposed, for a particular town or district.
  • The early flowering varieties should be potted as early in September as practicable, later batches for succession being potted during October.
  • - Capra aegagrus and C. megaceros; a wild sheep (Ovis cycloceros or Vignei); Gazella subgutturosa - these are often netted in batches when they descend to drink at a stream; G.
  • In April the sheriffs of four batches of counties were each ordered to send forty masons to Wykeham at Windsor, This secular activity was rewarded by presentation to the deanery of St Martin-leGrand, with an order for induction on the 21st of May, on which day he was commissioned to inquire by a jury of men of Kent into the defects of the walls and tower of Dover (Pat.