Sentence Examples

  • Bary chelidae (Barychelus, Plagiobothrus).
  • (After De Bary.) uredospores probably survive the winter in Europe as well as in Australia and give rise to the rust of the following year.
  • In 1876, however, Cohn had seen the spores germinate, and Koch, Brefeld, Pratzmowski, van Tieghem, de Bary and others confirmed the discovery in various species.
  • In the hands of Brefeld, BurdonSanderson, de Bary, Tyndall, Roberts, Lister and others, the various links in the chain of evidence grew stronger and stronger, and every case adduced as one of " spontaneous generation " fell to the ground when examined.
  • (After de Bary.) a, a chain of motile rodlets still growing and dividing (bacilli).

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