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  • STALL ANNE LOUISE GERMAINE Necker, Baronne De Stael-Holstein (1766-1817), French novelist.
  • Later a certain Marie Lejay (renamed by the comtesse "Baronne Gay d'Oliva," the last word being apparently an anagram of Valoi), who resembled Marie Antoinette, stated that she had been engaged to play the role of queen in this comedy.
  • By the duc de Cars (2 vols., Paris, 1883); Memoires de la baronne d'Oberkirch (2 vols., Paris, 1853).
  • In 1829 he made a will by which he appointed as his heir the duc d'Aumale, and made some considerable bequests to his mistress, the baronne de Feucheres (q.v.).
  • Marie Catherine Le Jumel de Barneville de la Motte, Baronne d'Aulnoy >>

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