Sentence Examples

  • As a result of their isolation, the proportion of endemic plants is greater here than in any other region, and the great elevation of the mountains, with the consequent variation in temperature, moisture and barometric pressure, has multiplied the number of species.
  • Of mercury it boils at 170° C. In an atmosphere of steam it distils without decomposition under ordinary barometric pressure.
  • The regular tides are hardly perceptible, but, under the influence of barometric pressure and wind, the sea-level occasionally varies as much as ft.
  • The height of the mercury in the wide tube and the top of f he narrow tube represents the pressure due to the mercury column, and this must be added to the barometric pressure in order to deduce the total pressure on the vapour.
  • The results obtained as to the relation between dissipation and barometric pressure are conflicting.

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