Sentence Examples

  • The prevailing winds in this region, which the sea traverses longitudinally, are westerly, but the sea itself causes the formation of bands of low barometric pressure during the winter season, within which cyclonic disturbances frequently develop, while in summer the region comes under the influence of the polar margin of the tropical high pressure belt.
  • The two last curves in the diagram contrast the diurnal variation at Kew in potential gradient and in barometric pressure for the year as a whole.
  • .110 Eiffel 100 Tower Summer 110 100 Bureau Central Winter Bureau Central 110 Summer 100 110 Kew Barometric 100 Pressure 90 night its hour of maximum).
  • The results obtained as to the relation between dissipation and barometric pressure are conflicting.
  • On the Sonnblick, Conrad (22) found dissipation increase decidedly as the absolute barometric pressure was larger, and he found no difference between days of rising and falling barometer.

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