Sentence Examples

  • The Baro, Pibor and Akobo form for 250 m.
  • His first mention of the subject occurs in a letter to Schikhart dated the i ith of March 1618, in which he writes - " Extitit Scotus Baro, cujus nomen mihi excidit, qui praeclari quid praestitit, necessitate omni multiplicationum et divisionum in meras additiones et subtractiones commutata, nec sinibus utitur: at tamen opus est ipsi tangentium canone: et varietas, crebritas, difficultasque additionum subtractionumque alicubi laborem multiplicandi et dividendi superat."
  • The name Barotac is from the Spanish word baro, which means mud, as well as the last syllables of tac and lutac. With nuevo, translated as new, added to the name, it distinguished it from another town called Barotac Viejo just a few town to the north.
  • In 1910 the British began dredging with the object of obtaining from the mouth of the river to Baro a minimum depth of 6 ft.
  • Below the mouth of the Kaduna, on the right bank of the Niger, is Baro, the starting-point of a railway to Kano.

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