Sentence Examples

  • Surya Brasil uses native herbs from Brazil and the principles of Ayurveda from India to create the perfect combination of innovative beauty products that include hair care, body care and even a line of men's skin care products.
  • Lectures and workshops are provided by professional and cutting edge practitioners in alternative healing such as shamanism, rolfing, ayurveda and the Alexander Technique.
  • Set in beautiful countryside, the Ayurveda Center offers a well-rounded yoga teacher training program that prepares students for all aspects of teaching yoga.
  • Ayurveda is a yogic healing science and hygienic system native to India, recognized by many in the U.S. as an alternative and complementary form of medicine.
  • In the Ayurveda methods of treatment used by ancient India cultures, cinnamon was heavily used as a tool for improving diabetes, colds and indigestion.