Sentence Examples

  • AUBUSSON, a town of France, capital of an arrondissement in the department of Creuse, picturesquely situated on the river Creuse 24 m.
  • From the 10th to the 13th century Aubusson was the centre of a viscounty, and the viscountess Marguerite, wife of Rainaud VI., was sung by many a troubadour.
  • (a little later than 1262) Aubusson was incorporated in the countship of La Marche by Hugh XII.
  • Revived the title of viscount of Aubusson in favour of Francois, first marshall de la Feuillade (1686).
  • Admiral Sallandrouze de Lamornaix (1840-1902) belonged to a family of tapestry manufacturers established at Aubusson since the beginning of the 19th century.