Sentence Examples

  • In its ritual form Asha becomes the principle of sacrifice, and hence of holiness, first ritual and then moral.
  • The acquisition of Aleppo could only make that supreme object more readily attainable; and so Saladin had spent his time in acquiring Aleppo, but only in order that he might ultimately "attain the goal of his desires, and set the mosque of Asha free, to which Allah once led in the night his servant Mahomet."
  • The HAsHiYA (Abud's Asha), with two great subdivisions: Daroda, with the powerful Mijertins, War-Sangeli, Dolbohanti and others; and Ishak, including the Gadibursi, Issa (Aissa), HabrWal, Habr-Tol, Habr-Yuni, Babibli, Bertiri.
  • But the idea of Law was generalized in the figure of Rita (what is " fitted " or " fixed "; or the " course " or " path " which is traversed), whose Zend equivalent asha shows that the conception had been reached before the separation of the Eastern Aryans produced the migrations into India and Iran.'
  • The fundamental idea remains the same in the Zend Asha, its philological counterpart, but it is applied with a difference.