Sentence Examples

  • ASCANIUS, in Roman legend, the son of Aeneas by Creiisa or Lavinia.
  • On the death of Aeneas, the government of Latium was left in the hands of Lavinia, Ascanius being too young to undertake it.
  • Ascanius was also called Ilus and Iulus, and the Julian gens claimed to be descended from him.
  • IULUS, in Roman legend: (a) the eldest son of Ascanius and grandson of Aeneas, founder of the Julian gens (gens Julia), deprived of his kingdom of Latium by his younger brother Silvius (Dion.
  • Carrying his aged father and household gods on his back and leading his little son Ascanius by the hand, he makes his way to the coast, his wife Creusa being lost during the confusion of the flight.

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