Sentence Examples

  • 10-40, son of an Arsacid princess (Tac. Ann.
  • To strengthen his power he killed all the Arsacid princes whom he could reach (Tac. Ann.
  • His father Anak, head of the Parthian clan of Suren, was bribed about the time of his birth (c. 257) by the Sassanid king of Persia to assassinate the Armenian king, Chosroes, who was of the old Arsacid dynasty, and father of Tiridates or Trdat, first Christian king of Armenia.
  • But the Arsacid kingdom never was a truly national state; with the Scythian and Parthian elements were united some elements of Greek civilization.
  • (129) to regain the eastern provinces, and extended the Arsacid dominion to the Euphrates.

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