Sentence Examples

  • Some of the new party were arraigned for treason and fined; and for several months there were two acting presidents and two rival governments within the Transvaal.
  • If by a two-thirds majority the action of a minister be arraigned, the president of the Imperial Council lays the case before the emperor, who decides.
  • For this he was arraigned before the Conference of 1796 and expelled, and he then founded the Methodist New Connexion (1798, merged since 1906 in the United Methodist Church).
  • But now the greater boldness of the dialecticians awakened a spirit of general distrust in the exercise of reason on sacred subjects, and we find even a Realist like Gilbert de la Porree arraigned by Bernard and his friends before a general council on a charge of heresy (at Rheims, 1148).
  • Nevertheless when the bishops arraigned the reformer for heresy John would not abandon him.