Sentence Examples

  • In 2009, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan gave a speech that stated students lose up to one month of instructional gains during their summer vacation.
  • Girls' Tyme became relatively well known on the national touring circuit and soon drew the attention of R&B manager Arne Frager.
  • The final immigrant admitted to the United States through the immigration facility at Ellis Island was Arne Peterssen of Norway.
  • 12) at eighty years after the Trojan War and twenty years after the conquest of Thessaly and Boeotia by the similar " invaders from Arne "; absolutely by Hellanicus and his school (5th century) at 1149 B.C.; by Isocrates and Ephorus (4th century B.C.) at about 1070 B.C.; and by Sosibius, Eratosthenes (3rd century), and later writers generally, at the generations from 1125 to 1 100 B.C.
  • CHAERONEIA, or Chaeronea, an ancient town of Boeotia, said by some to be the Homeric Arne, situated about 7 m.