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  • They were, on the other hand, probably acquainted, a couple of millenniums before Meton gave it his name, with the nineteen-year cycle, by which solar and lunar years were harmonized; 1 they immemorially made observations in the meridian; regulated time by water-clocks, and used measuring instruments of the nature of armillary spheres and quadrants.
  • He invented, or improved armillary spheres, the chief implements of ancient astrometry, determined the obliquity of the ecliptic at 23° 51' (a value 5' too great), and introduced an effective mode of arc-measurement.
  • A collection of circles such as is the armillary sphere, if each circle were fitted with a view-tube, might be considered a complete astrolabe.
  • ARMILLA, ARMIL or Armillary Sphere (from the Lat.
  • When several rings or circles were combined representing the great circles of the heavens, the instrument became an armillary sphere.

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