Sentence Examples

  • Arguably, Luke and Laura's storyline is littered with such pivotal moments: their dance at Wyndham's, Laura's return from the dead, the couple's return to Port Charles in the 1990s, Laura's grief at learning Lucky was dead and many more.
  • Arguably the first great "edutainment" title for personal computers was The Oregon Trail, a title that put players into the role of a nineteenth century pioneer making his way across the American wilderness with a wagon train.
  • It truly is an epic tale, arguably one of the best in Final Fantasy history, and the roster of characters is so well fleshed out that they make many of today's supporting cast members seem downright lifeless in comparison.
  • However, over the past 80 or so years, Norelco has developed several shavers that are arguably easier and produce a closer shave than most razors that utilize actual razor blades and require water and shaving cream.
  • Arguably, the most powerful storyline moments on Grey's Anatomy were spoiled including the death of Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) after surviving the latter half of the second season and the cut LVAT wire.