Sentence Examples

  • Many of the colonists, however, were not Ionians, but refugees from other parts of Greece, between Euboea and Argolis (Hdt.
  • A maritime city situated on the eastern coast of Argolis, sometimes distinguished as s) Lepa 'EirfSaupos, or Epidaurus the Holy.
  • In Argolis and Euboea especially a form with legs of unequal length is found / 4.
  • The last of these attempts resulted in the " Dorian conquest " of the "Achaeans " and " Ionians " of Peloponnese, and in the assignment of Argolis, Laconia and Messenia to the Heracleid leaders, Temenus, Aristodemus and Cresphontes respectively; of Elis to their Aetolian allies; and of the north coast to the remnants of the conquered Achaeans.
  • Of the invasion of Argolis a quite different version was already current in the 4th century.