Sentence Examples

  • If you have dry or damaged hair, apply a natural oil, such as Argan oil to damp hair after washing, to keep hair smooth and hydrated and keep layers from looking wayward and damaged.
  • Since argan trees grow in such an isolated area, how the nuts are harvested and the trees treated can make a huge impact on whether this oil will be available for future generations.
  • You'll find items such as a nutritive cream with argan oil, organic shampoo with argan oil, massage oil, moisturizing shower gel, hydrating body milk and soap with argan oil.
  • Argan Oils - If you want the pure oil, which many people feel is the best use of organic argan oil, then you may want to look at some of the offerings available on this site.
  • There are also higher-end oils, such as Argan hair oil, that come in more specified varieties that target hair re-growth or the repair of hair damage.

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