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  • Of banishing the Antinomian minority, including Mrs Anne Hutchinson and her family, John Wheelwright (c. 1592-1679), and William Coddington (1601-1678).
  • This was an incident in a famous episode, important rather as a symptom than in itself, namely, the Antinomian controversy, " New England's earliest protest against formulas," in which Vane and Ann Hutchinson took the lead in criticizing the official orthodoxy of the colony.
  • The site of the present city was settled in 1625 as Merry Mount or Mount Wollaston by Thomas Morton - the present Wollaston Heights is a part of the grant of 600 acres made in 1636 by the town of Boston to William Hutchinson, husband of Anne, the Antinomian, and was formerly known as Taylor's Hill.
  • Irenaeus concludes his account by saying that this Antinomian teaching had its logical consequence in his followers, who lived licentious lives and practised every kind of magic. They also, he adds, worshipped 1 Clement of Alexandria (Strom.
  • But it was unquestionably from Marcionite impulses that the new sects of the Paulicians and Bogomils arose; and in so far as the western Cathari, and the antinomian and anticlerical sects ' Marcion was the earliest critical student of the New Testament canon and text.

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