Sentence Examples

  • But his greatest financial measures were his attempt to fund the French debt and his establishment of annuities under the guarantee of the state.
  • A Ib; and the national debt was diminished from rather more than 800,000,000 to rather less than 780,000,000, the charge for the debt declining, mainly through the falling in of the long annuities, by some 2,600,000 a year.
  • Insurance and Annuities are matters of general importance, which are dealt with elsewhere under their own headings.
  • Its technical name is the property and income tax, but it is essentially a charge upon all incomes or profits, whether arising from property, or from the remuneration of personal services, or from annuities, income being applied with the widest possible meaning.
  • Belgium undertook at her own charges and at an estimated cost of £2,000,000 to complete" the works of embellishment "begun in Belgium with funds derived from the Fondation and to create a debt of £2,000,000 chargeable on the funds of the colony, which sum was to be paid to the king in fifteen annual instalments - the money, however, to be expended on objects" connected with and beneficial to the Congo."The annuities to members of the royal family were to be continued, and other subsidies were promised.

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