Sentence Examples

  • Though an annalist, Diceto is careless in his chronology; and the documents which he incorporates, while often important, are selected on no principle.
  • They made alliances with the strangers to aid them in their intestine wars, and the annalist writing in later years (Annals of Lough Ce) describes with pathetic brevity the change wrought in Ireland:" Earl Strongbow came into Erin with Dermod MacMurrough to avenge his expulsion by Roderick, son of Turlough O'Connor; and Dermod gave 1 The whole question is discussed by Mr J.
  • Clyn the Franciscan annalist, whose Latinity is so far above the medieval level as almost to recall Tacitus, sums up Lysaght's career epigrammatically: " He was a slave, he became a master; he was a subject, he became a prince (de servo dominus, de subjecto princeps effectus)."
  • The Roman annalist had not, like the Greek, to deal with the varying fortunes and separate doings of a number of petty communities, but with the continuous life of a single city.
  • One annalist after another quietly adopted the established tradition, as it had been left by his predecessors, without any serious alterations of its main outlines.

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