Sentence Examples

  • In the males the horns are generally angulated, and marked by fine transverse wrinkles; their colour being greenish or brownish.
  • HARTEBEEST, the Boer name for a large South African antelope (also known as caama) characterized by its red colour, long face with naked muzzle and sharply angulated lyrate horns, which are present in both sexes.
  • Across, with angulated wings, and in colour olive brown, with white markings.
  • The long face, high crest for the horns, which are ringed, lyrate and more or less strongly angulated, and the moderately long tail, are the distinctive features of the hartebeests.
  • Except in the bongo and elands, horns are present only in the males, and these are angulated and generally spirally twisted, and without rings.

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