Sentence Examples

  • Wharton Anglia Sacra, i.
  • According to Bede she took the veil in 614, when Oswio was king of Northumbria and Aidan bishop of Lindisfarne, and spent a year in East Anglia, where her sister Hereswith had married ZEthelhere, who was to succeed his brother Anna, the reigning king.
  • In the fens of East Anglia have been found two humeri, one of them immature, of a true Pelecanus, a bird now no longer inhabiting middle Europe.
  • In 794 he appears to have caused the death of ZEthelberht of East Anglia, though some accounts ascribe the murder to Cynethryth, the wife of Offa.
  • EAST ANGLIA, one of the kingdoms into which Anglo-Saxon Britain was divided.