Sentence Examples

  • A less common test used to diagnose renal vein thrombosis is renal venography, also called renal angiography, an x-ray examination of the renal veins after a contrast material (dye) has been injected.
  • During the catheterization, a long, slender tube called a catheter is inserted into a vein or artery and slowly directed to the blocked blood vessel, using x-ray guidance (angiography).
  • More invasive diagnostic procedures, such as angiography and cardiac catheterization, may be performed to show the type and severity of heart disease.
  • MRI angiography is an imaging technique used to evaluate the blood vessels, for example, to detect aneurysms or cardiovascular problems.
  • Using renal angiography, doctors pinpoint the precise location of the blockage and deliver the medication to that spot.