Sentence Examples

  • The sixth oecumenical synod decreed that the dead pope Honorius should be " cast out from the holy Catholic Church of God " and anathematized, a sentence approved by the reigning pope Leo II.
  • In 1656 the synod anathematized the adherents of the old forms, and the anathema was confirmed by those of 1666 and 1667.
  • 355) anathematized the over-ascetic people who despised "the agapes based on faith."
  • Sofia in Bulgaria) formed themselves into a synod, and naturally declared in favour of Athanasius and Marcellus, while at the same time they anathematized the leaders of the Eusebian party.
  • 4 On the ground of his writings he was condemned and deposed by the " robber synod " of Ephesus (449), but was restored by the Council of Chalcedon (451), after he had anathematized Nestorius.

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