Sentence Examples

  • Diocietian, finding his troops unable to determine the struggle, :ame to Egypt, captured Alexandria and put his rival to death 296).
  • The form of a snake, dyn ibuted to many local goddesses, especially in later times of I Meresger of the Theban necropolis), was borrowed from trib very ancient deity Outo (Buto); the semblance of a snake the ame so characteristic of female divinities that even the prir d goddess was written with the hieroglyph of a snake.
  • The chemistry of the alkaloids is treated in detail by Ame Pictet in his La Constitution chimique des alcaloides vegetaux (Paris, 1897); enlarged and translated by H.
  • - Ame, Etude sur les tarifs de douane et sur les traites de commerce (Paris, 1876); P. Ashley, Modern Tariff History (London, 1904); W.
  • Berthelier was executed in 1519, and Ame Levrier in 1524, but Bezanson Hugues (d.1532) took their place, and in 1526 succeeded in renewing the alliance with Fribourg and adding to it one with Bern.

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