Sentence Examples

  • The natives are nearly all Ama-Swazi Bantus, commonly called Swazis, and are closely allied to the Zulus.
  • Ama-Swazi tribes are believed to have occupied the country now known as Swaziland from the period of the invasion of South East Africa by the Bantu peoples.
  • No S yn r am t n c k r Yatton O Chew W00]SPPIN4 AMa na Br`adford Melksha4zt °WestOn super O / Wilc er Mare Devrzes KP A See d Willow ?.
  • Of others (such as Bishr ibn Abi Khazim, al-IIadira, `Amir ibn at-Tufail, 'Alqamah ibn 'Abadah, al-Muthaqqib, Ta'abbata Sharra and Abu Dhu'aib) diwans or bodies of collected poems exist, but it is doubtful how far these had been brought together when al-Mufaddal made ' In the dhail or supplement to the Ama i of al-Qali.
  • The next range is Humboldt or Ama-surgu range, which runs N.W.

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