Sentence Examples

  • ALTAI (in Mongolian Altain-ula, the "Mountains of Gold"), a term used in Asiatic geography with various significations.
  • The Altai region, in West Siberia and Mongolia, is similar in character to Switzerland, but covers a very much greater area.
  • The backbone of the region is the Sailughem or Silyughema mountains, also known as Kolyvan Altai, which stretch north-eastwards from 4 9 ° N.
  • The name Ala-tau also enters into the designation of (6), a range between the upper Yenisei and the upper Ob, in the government of Tomsk, namely, the Kuznetsk Ala-tau, forming an outlier of the Altai Mountains, and reaching 6000-7000 ft.
  • SAYAN MOUNTAINS, a range of Asia, forming the eastern continuation of the Sailughem or Altai range, stretching from 89° E.

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