Sentence Examples

  • A typical battery of tests may involve two dozen allergen drops, including a drop of saline solution that should never provoke a reaction (negative control) and a drop of histamine that should always provoke a reaction (positive control).
  • Bee pollen can be used to treat allergies by helping to build your body's defenses against the allergen particles, but if you have a known pollen allergy, you should talk to a health care provider before you begin taking the supplement.
  • You should still review the ingredients carefully, as one of them may be an allergen for you, but you can overall feel confident that you are not introducing anything problematic to your largest organ during this unpleasant juncture.
  • Food allergen provocation tests require abstinence from the suspect allergen for two weeks or more, followed by ingestion of a measured amount of the test substance administered as an opaque capsule along with a placebo control.
  • It sometimes has a characteristic pattern from the object containing the allergen, such as a glove allergy with clear demarcation on the hands, wrist, and arms where the gloves are worn, or on the earlobes by wearing earrings.