Sentence Examples

  • We may assume that increased stature and breadth imply some sort of inherent physical superiority, and if such an assumption is valid we have in man evidence that albinism is correlated not with constitutional defectiveness but with greater perfectness.
  • Allen, "Mendel's Law and the Heredity of Albinism," Proc. Amer.
  • The chief or only changes which domestication seems to have induced in its appearance are a tendency to albinism generally shown in the plumage of its lower parts, and frequently, though not always, the conversion of the colour of its legs and 1 Columella (De re rustica, viii.
  • We are not aware of any but two of these albinos having ever turned into the perfect Amblystoma form, as happened in Paris in 1870, the albinism being retained.
  • An albino is a homozygote; that is, all its gametes are carrying the character of albinism and none of them bear the alternative character - the allelomorph - of pigmentation.

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