Sentence Examples

  • Agnes (Catholic), Euclid Avenue Temple (Jewish), and the Amasa Stone memorial chapel of Adelbert College.
  • C. Ord (1867), Alvan C. Gillem (1868) and Irvin McDowell (June-July 1868), and by Gillem (1868-1869) and Adelbert Ames (1869-1870).
  • The Democrats carried the legislature in 1875, and preferred impeachment charges against Governor Adelbert Ames.
  • Republican1870-1871Ridgley Ceylon Powers (ad int.) „ Adelbert Ames 4 „ John Marshall Stone (ad int.
  • Holdich, Colonel St George Gore and Sir Adelbert Talbot; and when Ney Elias crossed from China through the Pamirs and Badakshan to the camp of the commission, identifying the great " Dragon Lake," Rangkul, on his way.