Sentence Examples

  • The Holy Spirit, we are told, rested on him, drawn to him by the usual means of the mysticsself-flogging, ablutions and penance.
  • Mahommedan religion, consisting generally of a large open court (sahn) surrounded by arcades (liwan), with a fountain (mida-a) in the centre of the court, for the ablutions necessary before prayer.
  • His bristly black person, and shagged breast quite open and rarely purified by any ablutions, was wrapped in a foul linen nightgown and his bushy hair dishevelled.
  • The same care is shown in ritual ablutions in the Bukovina and elsewhere.
  • Ablutions both of persons and things are usually cathartic, that is, intended to purge away evil influences (KaOaipa y, to make KaOapos, pure).