Sentence Examples

  • Besides using Windows 7 Mobile as the operating system, Microsoft Pink phones will most like include Zune services, which would make sense since the only thing missing from the Zune is the calling feature.
  • With a Silver membership, you have the ability to browse through the different downloadable content in the library, including additional tracks for music games, Xbox Live Arcade titles, and downloadable videos through the Zune Marketplace.
  • Intended to challenge the Apple iPod's stranglehold on the portable MP3 player market, the Zune went through several iterations before Microsoft officially abandoned the product line in 2011 to focus on other projects.
  • The recording industry also has managed to force Microsoft and Apple to pay a percentage of the profit from each sale of the Microsoft Zune and iPod to a music industry kitty, to be distributed among the major labels.
  • The Zune Marketplace for music is now called Xbox Music and it is available not only on the Xbox 360, but also through Windows 8 and Windows RT devices, as well as Windows Phone devices.