Sentence Examples

  • Wi lcker, Urkunden and Schreiben betreffend den Zug der Armagnaken (Frankfort, 1873) Witte, Die Armagnaken im Elsass, 1 439 - 1 445 (Strassburg, 1889).
  • Zug in die Lombardei vom Jahre 951 (Eisenberg, 1891); and K.
  • The progress of the Reformation attracted the attention of all Switzerland, but there was a strong opposition to it, especially in the five Forest Cantons: Lucerne, Zug, Schwyz, Uri and Unterwalden; and the Zurichers felt it necessary to form a league in its defence.
  • The canton is, save Zug, the smallest in the Swiss Confederation, while the city, long the most populous in the land, is now surpassed by Zurich and by Basel.
  • Der nachtliche Zug, II.