Sentence Examples

  • If you want to be certain what type of worm it is (and this can help you know how to treat the worms), wipe the worm off your cat's behind with a piece of tissue, and put it into a Ziploc bag with a small piece of damp paper towel.
  • On the night before the party, place each item into a Ziploc bag, fill half of the bag with water and then stack them in a freezer so that the lingerie is frozen inside a layer of water.
  • While you can put your child's lunch items into Ziploc baggies, you can cut down on costs by purchasing some small Tupperware or Gladware containers.
  • Most dogs are ready to have a bowel movement first thin in the morning, so you'll want to have a clean Ziploc bag ready and label it with a marker.
  • Ziploc bags: These easy-close plastic bags come in a number of sizes, including a "big bag" size perfect for holding 12x12 paper.

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