Sentence Examples

  • The hard-to-find Zhu Zhu Pet toy hamsters are in stock in going on sale for four bucks each, Barbie dolls are priced at five dollars and many articles of children's clothing are going to be reduced all the way down to four dollars.
  • Zhu Zhu pets deluxe city sky mall set includes two hamsters, a Metro Lift Elevator, Mall Pet Shop, Overpass Tunnels, U-turn, Y-intersection, Red Sports Car with garage, either a Fashion Boutique or Hair Salon, and a Movie Theater.
  • While your child can spend hours playing with his own Zhu Zhu Pet without any additional toys, he also has the option of adding to his Zhu Zhu Pet collection with the addition of specially designed accessories.
  • Though the Zhu Zhu pet does contain chromium and antimony on the nose of the pet, the testing method used by Good Guide differed from the Consumer Product Safety Commission Federal testing requirements.
  • By being knowledgeable about the potential safety hazards and supervising their children while playing with the toys, parents can go a long way towards making the Zhu Zhu experience a positive one.